About Us

We started with a simple belief: drivers should have control over the price they pay for fuel. As a result, Magellan Fuel has developed a fuel management platform that helps businesses more accurately control fuel expenses and reduce costs.

Magellan’s core offering is our fuel price protection program. We provide the ability for businesses to pre-purchase unleaded and diesel fuel online, which is stored in a cloud-based storage tank.

Fleets can take advantage of unlimited capacity and universal access to their virtual fuel storage solution.  Drivers seamlessly take delivery at the pump using their existing fleet cards.



Magellan Fuel Price Protection Platform: End User Benefits

  • Fully integrated into fleet card statements
  • Simple to understand
  • Easy to use (no driver training required)


Magellan Fuel Price Protection Platform: Channel Partner Benefits

Magellan is proud to power the fuel price protection programs offered by our respected channel partners. These include the FUELFOX Price Protection  program offered through Comdata® and FleetCor’s Fuelman Price Protection programs.

Our partners benefit from:

  • Increased profits
  • Improved customer retention
  • New customer growth


Trusted Advisors

In addition to its core fuel price protection program, Magellan works with businesses to help them understand fuel markets, develop hedging programs, and implement more efficient systems.

Magellan has provided consulting services for a range of businesses across North America. Our clients value Magellan’s wealth of risk management expertise and our unparalleled commitment to customer service.